Assault Commander Ultimate Lite App Reviews

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Hard but good

I rated it five stars because the graphics are good and the play is fun. It took a LONG time though. Very strategical. I reccomend it. Tip: always get the factory building.




Very boring after a while. And when I say a while, I mean 5 minutes.

Am I Missing Something?

I'm sorry, but I just don't get this game. The interface is really poor and the game play is horrible.

Assault Commander Ultimate Lite

I had hope that this game would be a worthy successor to Delta Tau's Strategic Conquest, which entertained me for countless hours. Sadly, while Assault Commander may have the potential to be as much fun, this version falls well short of the mark. My biggest complait is with the user interface, which is clunky and really slows down gameplay once ther are more than a handful of units. In my second and final game last night, it took more than two hours to conduct a game that only reach an army count of 28 units. There is no automation of production or unit movement and too many steps needed to build or repair units. The game's AI didn't seem to be too formidable, but two the two games I played may not have revealed its potential. I'd encourage the developer to find a copy of Strategic Conquest (and an old Mac on which to run it) to see a number of ways this game might be improved. I hope it can become a fun turn-based-strategy offering, but I'm not ready to pay money for this version. Good luck in the future, guys!

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